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General Information for Thassos Island

Size of the island:

Area: 384,92 km²
Perimetre: 118 km
Ringroad: 91,3 km
Population: about 16.000


Main business of Thasssos inhabidants:

• touristic

• mining of marble

• wood industries

• production of oil from olives and wine

• fishing

• the breed of sheeps and goats

Highest mountain: Ipsarion with 1.203 m

A short description of the island:
Thassos is a little green and mountainous island in the Aegean Sea. It is an greek island, which is very famous for the clean beaches.  The island is in front of the Macedonian dry land and the mouth of the river Nestos. Thassos is also known for the hospitality of the inhabitants, the tasty wine and marvellous honey. The history of this island is very long, in the ancient time it was famous for the gold and marble. Today there are a lot of  archaeological tresors   to see. It is also important to visit the factory of marble. The white marble is famous all over the world.

In spite of the widespread opinion, that the wearing of a helmet on a bike isn't duty, on this island it is. There are not many checks, but if they catch you without a helmet - you have to pay a fine.

The word "Skala" means for many villages harbour. Exatly it means that this village is the harbour of another village interior. The world "Skala" means "door" or "way to another village (mostly an village build interior, to protect them against the pirates).


Flora of Thassos Island

Thassos was and is known as "the green island". Here grows outweigh large pine-trees. Also you will find stone-pines, planes and oak-trees at some places.
Further there are numerous kinds of shrub bushes and shrubberies, for example strawberry bushes and brooms. This kind of vegetation is also called Macchia. You often will find it in the near by rivers and lakes. Spiny dwarf busches are growing at a rocky underground, for example spiny brooms. Under cover of spines and thorns there are growing spicy herbs like sage, rosemary, thyme and so on. On the coast and lowland you are often find olive-trees and fruit-trees. The cold-presses olive-oil is very good for cooking. In spring Thassos unfold its whole beauty. A lot of natarual grow flowers, like pinks, anemones, corn poppies and peonies present a colourful and unforgettable view. On Thassos there was some forest fires in the last years, becaus of the dusty and hot summer. The Government troubled about the reforestation, but it needs time till the pine-trees will be grow up. From there we have an appeal to all tourist who makes holiday on Thassos:
No camp fires!
Keep the nature clean!
Stub out your cigarett very well!
Please help to prevent the forest fires - so Thassos can be a beautiful island in the future.


Fauna of Thassos Island

The most animals you will find on Thassos are amphibian, reptiles and birds. Wild kinds of mammals you don´t find on Thassos. But some people have said they have seen some rabbits and here and there some deers. The sheeps and goats you will see around the island are not wild, they all have an owner. You also will see a lot of dogs and cats. On Thassos there a lot of birds, for example the white-head-gull, where you will see often at the harbor. There also a lot of singing birds. At the flowering time (May/June) you can also see a lot of butterflies on Thassos. Around Theologos and near Maries turtles can cross your way. At water bulrushes and in the near of the lake you can hear and see some kinds of frogs. Also lizards are not rare on Thassos. You will find them on warm and dry places like old ruins or at the place of excavation. Sometimes you can also see snakes on Thassos. But the most of them are non-toxic. The most kind of snakes you will see is like the slow-worm. Only one kind of snake is known as toxic - it is the sand-viper. The bite of a sand-viper can be dangerous to life. If you will be bite, you should go to the doctor immediately. The best protection for snake bites are: ankle-high shoes and a firm step, because snakes run away if there is some concussion at the ground.


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Thassos Weather

  23:00 - 00:00 10-Day Thassos Forecast 16°C Light Air north-northeast


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